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Friday 23rd October 2009
Once (2007)

A low budget, high quality, Oscar-winning film, made in Dublin by Director John Carney. The cast is headed up by musician and actor Glen Hansard of "The Commitments". A delightful musical love story with a difference.


A Very Long Engagement

Friday 27th November
A Very Long Engagement (2004)

From the director (and cast!) of the wonderful “Amelie”, Jean-Paul Jeunet, this is a powerful and moving film with a beautiful light touch. Set in France around the first world war, it is a story of love and determination with Audrey Tatou at her best. French (subtitled)

The Gold Rush

Sunday 6th December
The Gold Rush (1925)

Charlie Chaplin's classic silent movie accompanied by Dave Watt on the piano.

In The Loop

Friday 29th January
In The Loop (2009)

In a cutting edge political comedy, directed by Scottish comic genius, Armando Iannucci, we see Local Hero's Peter Capaldi 25 years on.

Into The Wild

Friday 26th February
Into The Wild (2007)

A beautiful and powerful film, directed by Sean Penn. Based on the true story of graduate Christopher McCandless, who donates his entire savings to charity and abandons his privileged background to hitchhike into the wilderness of Alaska. The film follows his journey and the extraordinary people he encounters on the way.

Jour de Fête

Friday 19th March
Jour de Fête (1949)

A classic French visual comedy from the master of the art, Jacques Tati. François is a postman in rural France, equipped with a bicycle, who tries to match the efficiency of the US Mail, which is equipped with helicopters!  (French, subtitled)

Some like it Hot

Friday 30th April
Some Like It Hot (1959)

Comic situations, cross dressing, glamour, cheesy American humour with love interest. Marilyn Munroe in the starring role with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. Why would you want to miss it?

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