Thoughts from the Committee on our 2011-12 season

A little later than planned, our season is coming together with a fantastic start – The Illusionist
Our 4 committee members will this year be telling you why you should come & see their particular choices. Just click on Chosen by....
This Year we're going to try Sunday nights from 7pm
We're working on making life more comfortable at Steeple Cinema & trying to address some sound issues highlighted last year
Our 4 committee members do need help. Do join us if you fancy getting involved. Email:. SteepleCinema or speak t ous at a screening

The Illusionist

Why you should come & see our next film...


Sylvian Chomet has captured Jacques Tati to perfection in this delightful animation, but the real joy is the way he has captured Scotland , Edinburgh in particular in the most engaging detail >

Jim Stott: (SCC Charman)



Lone Star  

Set in modern day Texas the local sheriff must dig up the past to investigate a recently found skeleton. The search leads to his father who was legendary as a former sheriff, but also a challenge as a father. The conclusion of Lone Star is one of the few times that I have been taken completely by surprise by a film.

Peter Beaven

Safety Last

Safety Last

Following a theme introduced in “The Illusionist”earlier in our season, this 1923 silent gem gives us Harold Lloyd trying to improve the footfall at a department store. His plans for a publicity stunt go horribly wrong when it turns out the stunt man is wanted by the law... Harold has to do it himself, with spectacular results, including the famous clock encounter.

This great film is a little short on plot but long on the visuals, so seemed a perfect opportunity to bring in the live music and let the piano shine against an exciting backdrop. Following his wonderful performances with “Gold Rush” and “The General”, we are really looking forward to Dave Watt's musical take on yet another silent classic. I first saw this film as a child in Suffolk village cinema, where I remember you had to go along during the day and write your name in a book outside to secure your seat for the evening show.



Before LA Confidential and Gladiator, in 1991, not too many people outside Australia knew who Russell Crowe was. Here is a chance to see him before he became a mega star. Proof pairs him up with Hugo Weaving and is a clever film that is hard to categorize. It is a terribly sad, outrageously funny and at times terrifying tale of a blind man who takes photographs, a mate who describes them for him and the twisted housekeeper who is in between them.

Peter Beaven




New director Richard Ayaode (IT Crowd's Moss) scores first time with this touching, quirky but above all very funny coming of age story set deep in suburban Wales. With a brilliant soundtrack too, this is 93 minutes of your life that couldn't be better spent!

Duncan Furness

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Tinker Taylor

There's a rule in film clubs that one should always see any film one imposes on others. I'd better go & see this then... fingers crossed we can get a licence to show it in 2012.

Dave J Ford

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